{xtypo_dropcap}S{/xtypo_dropcap}o you want a great experience for the kids? Have not got contact with a tropical place for vacations yet? Puerto Rico nature adventures can be the real winner for the family

Getting out of the bubble
Different than other places like Florida (Orlando, Tampa or Miami) were you have man-made family fun that used to be theme parks and emotional behavior attractions, Puerto Rico can expose the kids to a dynamic and interesting natural way to spend their free time and feelings.

Palmas del Mar Horse RidingJosé the Zipliner
Trips to beautiful and natural tropical beaches of Culebra, ziplining the forest from the birds eye view in Orocovis, zooming through hotel outdoor long pools in Fajardo, bodysurfing high tides for them in Rinc√≥n, driving the mountain roads of Utuado and discovering a new culture that they will have to cope for their life as more hispanics are moving to the States, is a richful experience that you must give them as soon as possible. That will be better than any Dora La Exploradora experience that they have seen in the TV. Something they will experience by themselves and not by daydreaming. {xtypo_quote}Puerto Rico is the next kids frontier. The real Islands to discover.{/xtypo_quote}

Aquatic Parks

Puerto Rico has a few aquatic parks as the market is a small one and seasonal. You can find the best in Aguadilla, at the west of the Islands. Known as {tip Just in front of Road No. 2 in Aguadilla}Las Cascadas{/tip}, it is open only during summer time. Also there is a park in Salinas at the {tip Just follow exit after the Toll in Salinas-Expressway No. 52}Albergue Olímpico{/tip}, mostly for kids and younger teens. Other towns that has parks are Arecibo, Carolina and Quebradillas.

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