{xtypo_dropcap}O{/xtypo_dropcap}f all activities you can find in Puerto Rico, the first one with international impact and best reknowned is the Orocovis Mountain zipline adventure.

{tab ZIPLINING|green}{xtypo_info}TORO VERDE ZIPLINE ADVENTURE{/xtypo_info}

The all day zipline extreme activity is a first class option to start your PR adventure. With lines of different lenghts and (alturas), you will enjoy, step by step the increase in emotional adventure. As this place is high in the mountains, the scenical view is one of breath taking experience. A restaurant with local puertorican food, is located in the highest part of the place and you can appreciate people ziplining from one point to the other.

{xtypo_quote}The all day zipline extreme activity is a first class option to start your PR adventure.{/xtypo_quote}

This experience is a short intensive one and you will enjoy it since arriving at the place, fitting the equipment needed to ziplining, waiting your time to zipline, flying the sky through the line and coming sharing your experience with your friends and other people. To be there and enjoy the place is better to call Toro Verde, as local people enjoy also the adventure and sometimes it is full days ahead. The trip by car can take you about one hour and a half and is using mountain roads that are a trick to drive by as it is not all the time by expressways. Bring to the place sport clothing and shoes.

{tab SURFING|blue}{xtypo_info}RINCÓN SURFING{/xtypo_info}

SurfingOne of the best spots in the caribbean to surf is located in Rinc√≥n. It is a small town that was bring to life in the 60’s because the Wold Surfing Championship was celebrated there. Today, the place is the meca of surfing for locals and many continentals, as contests are celebrated there. For all other, Rinc√≥n has many beaches that can be enjoyed. Rinc√≥n itself is a small town with no city, traffic or rush living. 

{tab CAVING}{xtypo_info}CAVE EXPLORATION{/xtypo_info}

Walking the many caves that the Big Island have is one of the best outdoor activities. Puerto Rico cave system is one of the nicest in the world. Really the Big Island is full of those systems and you can enjoy some of them in your visit. Most of those cave systems exist in the center of the island through the Cordillera Central, beign the mogotes the best ones. Isla de Mona has also an interesting cave system. 

{tab THE BEACH|blue}{xtypo_info}BEACH COMBING{/xtypo_info}

Mosquito Bioluminic TripOn Caribbean tropical islands, beaches are limitless. Either the big island or the smallest sisters, visiting beaches can be an interesting thing to do. As the islands topography is very rough, the coast provides small secluded spaces that are perfect beaches to enjoy for short pr long hours. Beaches, different than in the states, are not private, so do not expect the same behave as there. {xtypo_quote}Locals can enjoy also the same “beach” that the hotel has sold you as “private”{/xtypo_quote}. The law tells that all the coast is public. What you can expect is that reaching the beach through a private land, like a hotel is illegal. People can walk by the beach through the coast or arrive at the beach thruogh a boat to enjoy the place. And you will find the right spot in many places as beaches are virtually endless during your vacation time. Please follow our own Best Beaches article to help you decide. 

{tab BIOBAY TRIPS|orange}{xtypo_info}KAYAK BIO BAY TRIPS{/xtypo_info}

Mosquito Bioluminic TripIf you want to experience something very peculiar to Puerto Rico, then look for expeditions to the Bio Bay or Phosphorescent Bays in Vieques, Fajardo and Lajas. One of the most impressive activities you will enjoy is the maritime show that small creatures of the underwater world gave us from ime to time on the Islands. Altough any of the three can be good, the less civilized is the Vieques trip as kayak expedition companies use rusty vans and buses on a rocky road, so be prepared to not enjoy the car trip to the bay. This can be a down to some people, but if you are not handicapped, take the trip because it is memorable

{xtypo_alert}ALERT: Swimming in the Biobay of Vieques during the night can be seen as a wild esperience, but what they don’t tell you is that the bay sometimes have barracudas or baby sharks during the night and can be a hazard to you Better to keep yourself in the kayak boat than on the open waters of the bay.{/xtypo_alert}

{tab HIKING TRAILS|green}{xtypo_info}EL YUNQUE TRAILS{/xtypo_info}

El YunqueOne of the best experience that every will try to move  you on as a must is the El Yunque rain forest trip. A walk through many trails of different ecosystems is a constant contact with the tropical nature of the Islands. The trip can take you hours if you decide to visti the most beautiful point on El Yunque which is the Cascada La Mina.

{xtypo_alert}ALERT: Altough El Yunque looks a nice walking experience, some people have been lost for many days, even experts. As the forest is very dense, it is difficult to move if you are lost. Please always and at all times, keep an eye on were you are walking. Everything will looks similar and that can be a distraction to loose the trail.{/xtypo_alert}{/tabs}



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