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maunabo las palmas.jpg{xtypo_dropcap}E{/xtypo_dropcap}very puertorican has its best of everything. But what we want to show you with this list is our own unique Three Best of All Puerto Rico –a concept created by PuertoRiKo.Com– in order to  guide you to the best alternatives that you can explore and decide, if they are a good start of your interests.

Every visitor has its own plan based on what he/she likes (interests). We are giving this general but fine tuned options if you are not so knowledgable about it. Please follow this list during your days on the Islands and please note that this list is a non-paid list, so this is OUR own list in PuertoRiko.Com. This list can change at any time depending on how good the place is serving the tourist visitors. It will also help you to follow it during your stay here.

Just get transportation and ¬°A GOZAR!
{tab Points of Interest|red}
{slider Old San Juan|closed}The most important if you stay in the metro area.
{slider El Yunque}A must for those who enjoy nature.
{slider Lajas Phosporescent Bay}Something peculiar to the Islands of PR{/sliders}
{tab A Family Must|green}{slider Toro Verde|closed}A very well known place were you can zipline very long trips throughout cables suspended at high altitude. Great fun! {slider Cabezas de San Juan}A place were you can enjoy one of the scenic beauties of the eastern part of the Big Island of Puerto Rico. {slider Camuy Caverns}A government sponsored place were you can see closely a cave system waking through it.{/sliders}
{tab Beautiful Beaches|blue}{slider Culebra Flamenco Beach|closed}Ahhh! Great place to enjoy one of the best 10 beaches in the world recognized by a famous tourist portal and magazine.{slider Cabo Rojo Los Morrillos Beach}The best beach, located at the Southwestern part of the Big Island of Puerto Rico.{sliders Vieques La Chiva Beach}The best beach on the sister Island of Vieques.{/sliders}
{tab Vibrant Night Life|grey}{sliders Old San Juan|closed}Historic district of the San Juan capital, were you will enjoy a cultural escenario and vibrant daylife.{sliders Isla Verde Avenue Strip}The best hotel-beach combination place on all the PRK Archipelago.{sliders Condado Avenue Strip}A great night life for tourists. Full of restaurants and hotels.{/sliders} {/tabs}
{tab Annual Public Festivities|green}
{sliders San Sebasti√°n Street Parties|closed} The best cultural activity in Puerto Rico that runs for four (4) days during the month of January.
{sliders Juana Diaz Three Kings Days Celebration} A local folklore celebration very well known by RiKans that present christian activites at Juana Díaz town.
{sliders San Juan Saint Nights}A local folklore celebration at the beach during the June 23 night that extend to the first hours of the evening of the 24. {/sliders}
{tab Annual Festivals|green}
{sliders Aibonito National Flowers Festival|closed}A place were local flower growers showed their best specimens.
{sliders Barranquitas National Artisans Festival}Activity were great local artisans show their great talent.
{sliders Ponce Carnival Celebration}{/sliders}A local activity that precede the Good Friday were Ponce music and color is the number one attraction.
{tab Musical Events|blue}
{sliders Casals Classic Music Festival|closed}
{sliders Z93 Salsa National Day}
{sliders Puerto Rico Heineken Jazz Festival}{/sliders}
{tab Sporting Events|red}
{sliders Coamo Intenational San Bl√°s Illescas Marathon|closed}
{sliders San Juan World Best 10K}
{slider San Juan International Billfish Tournament}{/sliders}{/tabs}
{tab Historical Places|orange}
{sliders Castles of San Felipe del Morro & San Cristobal|closed}
{sliders Caguana and Tibes Taíno Indian Parks}
{sliders Ponce Serrallés Mansion}{/sliders}
{tab Fine Art Places|grey}
{sliders Ponce Museum of Art|closed}
{sliders Puerto Rico Art Museum}
{sliders Puerto Rico Contemporary Art Museum}{/sliders}
{tab Famous Beverages|blue}
{sliders Genuine Piña Colada|closed}
{sliders Locally Grown, Toasted and Grinded Coffee}
{sliders Puertorican Rum (local)}{/sliders}
{tab Shopping Experience|green}
{sliders Old San Juan Streets|closed}
{sliders Plaza Las Américas Mall}
{sliders Barceloneta Prime Outlets}{/sliders}{/tabs}
{tab Beautiful Resorts|blue}
{sliders El Conquistador Hotel & Casino|closed}
{sliders Caribe Hilton Hotel & Casino}
{sliders W Hotel in Vieques}{/sliders}{/tabs}
NOTE: This list is part of PuertoRiKo.Com “The Puerto Rico Travel Handbook‚Ñ¢”.

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