{xtypo_dropcap}P{/xtypo_dropcap}uerto Rico is full of ethnic food. Every town has its own specialty. Mostly based on food available on their area.

Although the Islands are of small size, the geography during the 19 and 20 Century make difficult to travel between points. So people prepared their own kind or versions of what they eat.

Sometimes, there are food that is eaten at the west that the east does not know. Then came late in the 20 Century the {tip Well talented in search of the new boricua cusine food}new local chefs{/tip} that started to make their own variations, only developed by their own kitchen staff and with ingredients not know to most people on the Islands and not used like they do.

To enjoy the real delicacies of local food, try places like {tip Roasted pork seasoned and cooked boricua style}lechoneras{/tip} in {tip Located at the central part РCayey}Guavate{/tip}, kiosks in {tip Located after the metro area toward the East}Piñones{/tip}, restaurants in la {tip Difficult to reach and park-visited mostly by locals}Placita in Santurce{/tip}, la {tip Visited as the cultural meeting spot in Hato Rey}Placita Roosevelt{/tip}, the Old San Juan (not big or elegant restaurants) and for fast food the only 100% local chain whorth on the Islands, {tip All other fast foods are american made}El Mesón (de Felipe){/tip}.

LechonerasTry any of these dishes: mofongo con caldo (smashed plantains with chicken brooth), chicharrones de cerdo (pork roasted small cuts), lech√≥n asado (roasted pork), arroz con habicuelas (rice with red beans), bist√© encebollado (beef steak with onions), arroz con pollo (yellow or white rice with chicken), viandas con bacalao (combination of bolied roots and boiled tree fruits with codfish), asopao’ de pollo (local chicken stew), fritters like alcapurrias, bacala√≠tos, pastelillos de juey or piononos, grains for breakfast like marifinga or crema de ma√≠z (corn cream) local style and the king of land, 100% local harvested, toasted, grinded and brewed puertorican coffee (not starbucks style). If you like alchochol: rum (with pi√±a colada) / pitorro (straight shots of homemade rum) and local sangr√≠as (fido, caldo de oso and others – wine with fruits) are two you must to taste.

Piragüero Viejo San JuanVegetarians must surf the small vegetarian restaurants in Old San Juan, Hato Rey, Río Piedras and around the Islands to get their non-meat food.

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