{xtypo_dropcap}D{/xtypo_dropcap}riving through the roads of our Islands will allow you to open your eyes to the tropical beauty. And our driving laws are very similar to the states, But our people are not the most courteous or gentle when driving. Sincerilly, our driving manners are unwelcomed, perceived sometimes as rough, aggresive and many times discourteous. So, when traveling Puerto Rico using a car, it will be valuable, just keep in mind continental manners will not neccesarily be applied here always,

 How we drive
Our people drive with a feeling that they are the king of the road. Also people, in a big number, don’t make the turning light use and many times you will feel just beating the car in front of you because no turning light was signaled on or turned on with enough time. Courteous driving is not something we have learned yet. Everyday I felt myself lost in this driving hassle as honking, no turning lights and changing lines abruptly is the standard of driving.

{xtypo_quote}Driving through the roads of our Islands will allow you to open your eyes to nature and of the tropical beauty of Boriquén.{/xtypo_quote}

One thing you have have to learn is that if a local driver find a space between your car and the one in front of you that just barely fit, they will change lines with no signal lights and abruptly will try to fit in, causing you to stop without warning and with your heart at the hand.

{xtypo_alert}Other major hazard that is available to drivers is the great amount of small and medium sizes holes on the road, either in the local street or the expressways. So ALWAYS keep an eye on the road to avoid rental fee repairs charges or someone hitting you because your movement to avoid a hole.{/xtypo_alert}

The easiest way to visit the Islands
If you decide to drive Puerto Rico across the islands, just keep in mind to have yourself patience and no rush. Different than other places, in Puerto Rico mass transportation is not an alternative for the tourist.

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