Getting to / from Culebra
By Air
{xtypo_dropcap}R{/xtypo_dropcap}eaching Culebra can be easy or difficult. There is no medium options. For those using aiplanes to get there, be sure you will arrive and depart from the Island without problems. You have two options. First is flying from San Juan airports, the other is from Ceiba airports. The cost in Ceiba will be 1/3 of San Juan. But you must pay a parking lot for all the time you will be in Culebra if you rent a car.

By Boat or Ferry
If your option is to use the public transportation to the Island, be ready to wait, wait and wait or probably not get there when you planned. Public ferries are unreliable transportation and you don’t know when it is going to depart on time or not. Mostly ferries to Culebra are unscheduled to favor the bigger sister Island Vieques. Use only the public ferries if you have enough time to loose waiting. You can bring your bycicle in the ferries but they charge an extra amount.

In our own experience, altough we get there by 5:00 AM in the morning to buy some tickets, our ferry never get out until 3:00 PM, arriving 1 1/2 hour after.

When using the government public trasportation to/from Culebra, the luck be with you!

Moving inside Culebra Island

Moving around Culebra you have three options. You can use the private taxi buses, rent your own car or bring your own transportation (car, motorcycle or bicycle).

Renting a Car
The second is the best altough sometimes there are not enough cars to rent. So do your reservations with time ahead. Don’t wait to arrive to the Island to rent a car.

Public Transportation
{tip P√∫blicos means public transportation done by private drivers with government permits::}P√∫blicos{/tip} are the private transportation ruled by the government. They are the Island taxi. Be ready to have enough cash amounts in small denominations as you will have to pay them for every move.

If you can bring your bicycle to the Island because you have that option, you will save money. Bring a chain with lock for the bicycle always. Bicycle tire repairs are not available on the Island, so bring your own stuff to repair it. You can bring the bicycle using the people ferry but you must dismount the tires from the body and better if put on a big duffle bag. Otherwise they can tell to bring your bicycle using the car ferry and that will disrupt your plans.

The Car / Motorcycle by Ferry
Ferry to Culebra and ViequesAltough you can bring your car or motorcycle by ferry, the rental companies does not allow the transportation of the cars to Culebra or Vieques. Only if you have a friend that lend you a car, you can do the ferry trip. But we did not recommend using the ferry for staying a brief weekend. It will be more smart if you are going to stay a minimum of 4 nights at Culebra to use the ferry as it will depart at irregular times and return equally irregular.




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