El Yunque

El YunqueOne of the main attractions to the Islands of Puerto Rico is the tropical humid forest of El Yunque. Declared a U.S. National Forest in the 20 Century (because PR is a US Territory), its legal name is El Yunque Caribbean National Forest. But local people known its as El Yunque. For that reason you will find the US Forest Service as the administrative in charge of.

{xtypo_quote}El Yunque cover over 25,000 acres of the northeast coast.{/xtypo_quote}It extends from R√≠o Grande to Naguabo. To get to El Yunque, you can drive by yourself or take a tour bus in Old San Juan or Condado. Also you can take the local known “p√∫blicos” that will bring you up near the entrance of the road who goes directly to {tip The greeting main entrance of El Yunque Forest}El Portal{/tip}. P√∫blicos are hard to take, they are untrusted about their time scheduled, so just have enough time to waste waiting for them to depart from their {tip Terminal de Carros P√∫blicos}stations{/tip}.


To reach El Yunque Forest you have to take Route 3 from San Juan toward the East. When at Río Grande, look for traffic light mostly near Rio Mar Hotel Entrance. A big traffic sign will allert you about taking the right to El Yunque.

From there you will take a local road up to El Portal Entrance were you will take the info to walk any of the available trails depending on year season.

The most visited fall is La Mina were you can take a bath an will experience the tropical geen of Puerto Rico. (Yunque Map)

{xtypo_button3}Guided Nature Walks{xtypo_button3} are available once a week.

{xtypo_alert}Rain is a hazard if you are going to walk the forest. Please be advised before by a Forest Ranger if you plan to take a long walk to any point in the bush.{/xtypo_alert}


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