{xtypo_dropcap}L{/xtypo_dropcap}a Chiva is a beautiful beach in Vieques. Altough this small Island has many good beaches, La Chiva outstand because of its blue waters, white sand and the small cay in front of the coast.

You can look at the photo of La Chiva included in this article and can appreciate the color of the waters, the sky and the sand beach on its natural way.


{xtypo_alert}If you go to any beach in Vieques using a rented or owned car, KEEP UNLOCK the car doors. Keep it unlock. That will guarantee you are not going to pay the cost for repairs if a glass window is broken. Just keep with you all valuables always and never let them sit on your rented or own car.{/xtypo_alert}

{xtypo_warning}La Chiva Warning Sign - Vieques PRVieques and La Chiva has warnings about explosives on specific zones of the Island. Please follow all rules and warning signs. Always be careful about objects that you don’t know or are strange to beaches. {/xtypo_warning}






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