Coquí Frog[simple_tooltip content=’They are The Big Island of Puerto Rico, Culebra, Vieques, Caja de Muertos, Mona and Desecheo’]The Wonder Islands of PuertoRiko.Com[/simple_tooltip] a website to keep you informed about discovering the US Territory of Puerto Rico. This tropical and hispanic nation share with the continentals their way of life, the currency, a modern society and the US citizenship.

[simple_tooltip content=’’] The Wonder Islands of PuertoRiKo.Com [/simple_tooltip] is not a government nor corporate sponsored website. We are a genuine local travel guiding effort.


Puertoricans living on the Islands are a genuine hispanic community. If you worry about the language, know that [simple_tooltip content=’You can talk in English as your main language here, but keep in mind you will find difficulties from time to time.’] English is widely spoken [/simple_tooltip], although it is not the first language. Spanish language allow us to keep the full hispanic flair. Anglo natives speakers are less than 3% of the population.

You will enjoy a rainbow of cultural and traveling experiences. We are very different to other hispanic communities in the States. We considered ourselves The Real Latin America on US territory! Enjoy the very nature of the ‘boricuas’ (bore-e-quahs). Being always happy, very friendly and relaxed! Locals don’t take life so serious in order to enjoy every moment of island life, without strings.


Hatillo Puerto RicoIn order to enjoy the culture, be minded that in our islands we don’t have the strict way of life continentals. People here prefer to have friends better than enemies (because of the small size of the islands). That put us on an easy way or good laissez-faire attitude. No big worries. No strict social rules, although obviously we have rules of law.

In order to enjoy the Islands of Puerto Rico you have to compromise a big chunk of your strictly anglo way of thinking. Things run here a bit differently. We forgive more than your place. The right attitude will bring you a lot of travel friends, happy people to share your valuable minutes of leisure time and memorable stories to tell others.

Discover the Wonder Islands of PuertoRiko and ¡A Gozar!

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