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bikini girl There are a lot of small and big beaches in our Islands. PuertoRiko.Com have its own list based in an experience of many decades.

Depending on your taste and the kind of beach that you look, you can find and enjoy our sea gems. Beaches from West to East and from North to South can fill your expectations. If you are going to stay in a resort, there are not to many options.

Resorts does not have the best beaches, as in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico the law said that all the coast is the property of the government, there are not private beaches like in the States. What people and resorts have is private land access to the beaches, but really anyone can enjoy any of them just arriving by boat or walking throughout the coast.


The 8 Best Beaches of

{tab North of the Islands|grey}

The best is the Luquillo Public Beach Balneary. It is located in the northeast part of the big island. The water is calm and it is a big one. If you don’t like surfy beaches and like to walk in the beach, this is the best to do it. After the beach you can enjoy local food in the kiosks behind the balneary.

Those who are surfers in the heart will enjoy a surfy beach very well known by international surfers: Isabela Middles Beach.

{tab East of the Islands|orange}

{tip Flamenco Beach::flamenco|blue}Culebra Flamenco Beach{/tip} and {tip La Chiva Beach::|blue} Vieques La Chiva {/tip} are the ones to visit and enjoy just a glimpse of what those two small islands has to offer.

{tab West of the Islands|green}

Aguadilla Crashboat and Rinc√≥n Domes are two surfy beaches well know by international surfers. Those are heavy spots for those who like a beachy environment were to enjoy some days of their vacactioons.

{tab South of the Islands|blue}

Cabo Rojo share the west and the south, so we have included its best beach in the south. Los Morrillos Beach is a small bay that is in front of the Lighthouse and in the Cabo Rojo National’s Wildflife Refuge. The views here are the best of all the big island beaches. {xtypo_info}The road to the Bay is rustic and must have patient if you have a rental car which is not a 4×4.{/xtypo_info}

Ponce Isla Caja de Muerto is the small gem of the South. This tiny island ruled by the government, is a beautiful place to enjoy emerald and blue waters a sunny beach and the sensation that you are in the middle of the sea. In order to get there, you have to call people movers, who are local boaters that will bring you there for half of a full day. {xtypo_info}Bring food and water as there is no way to find it and you will be hours there before they can get you back to the Big Island{/xtypo_info}{/tabs}


List of Selected Beaches

Town Beach Spot
Aguadilla (W) Crashboat
Cabo Rojo (S) Los Morrillos
Culebra (E) Flamenco
Isabela (N) Middles
Luquillo (N) La Monserrate
Rincón (W) Domes
Ponce (S) Caja de Muerto
Vieques (E) La Chiva

 {slider Full Beach List

See full Puerto Rico beach list{/sliders}




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