{xtypo_dropcap}C{/xtypo_dropcap}ar rental no matter were you fly or stay is always a surprise. We are no exceptions. Just ask for what your money will pay but in order to be money safe always get CDW, PDW and any other insurance that will cover most of the costs. Why? You will be driving in a place were courtesy will fail, laws on the continent are not the same as here and crime can beat your pocket and vacations.

If you are involved in an accident, the insurance that will cover is the {tip Automobile Accident Compensation Insurance}ACAA{/tip} government sponsored which is a pain for compensation. Ask your car rental company what personal insurance do you have to cover you and third parties in an accident.


Also there is a new behave in rental companies were in case of a small accident, the insurance covered by the {tip Seguro Obligatorio””}government is from $1 to $4,000{/tip} but rental companies don’t use that insurance because it is a problem to claim. So you don’t have the fist hundred dollars covered and you could be paying for an accident that is not your fault an amount up to $1,000 if you did not ask about this rental companies option. 


Although you can buy a toll fill-up card for the tolls you will use if you have your own car, the rental companies have already a way to charge for the tolls woth a daily fee or an additional toll ee. Ask about that before renting. 

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