vieques pr omedina

vieques pr omedinaThe second in size of the three populated islands, Vieques is known for its seven beaches with public access although the island have much more.

An International hotel chain resort is the only one in Vieques and is an exclusive (and expensive) one. If you are looking for that kind of lodging, can be the one to look for.

As an island out of the easy access of the big islanders, things go less stressful and at a slow pace. If you are an adventurer of the sea and like beaches, snorkeling and scuba spots, then Vieques can be a very good choice. The Island have a more active cultural life than Culebra and it has a {tip }world known phosphorescent bay{/tip} known as {tip It is one of three available in the Archipelago of Puerto Rico}Bah√≠a Mosquito{/tip}.

In addition to the beautiful experience of the phosphorescent bay, {tip } visiting the beaches of Vieques{/tip} is the next thing to do. 

There are things that can complement your visit to Vieques like visiting the Conde de Mirasol Fort, eating local food at Esperanza town and enjoying the sunny life throughout the sister island.

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