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{xtypo_dropcap}A{/xtypo_dropcap} two nights stay will give you a bit of our island. During this time you will have an opportunity of having one full day that can bring you to {tip USDA Forest Service El Yunque National Forest}El Yunque{/tip} rain forest. Also this full day will allow you to visit during the night, if the weather and the moon phase allow, a kayak trip through the bioluminiscent bay. Also if your El Yunque trip is short, you can enjoy swim time at La Monserrate beach in Luquillo.

So your two nights stay can bring you to {tip Day or night you must go there}Old San Juan{/tip}, {tip A tropical forest you must go if near San Juan or Fajardo}El Yunque{/tip}, {tip A public beach balneary flocked mostly by locals on weekends.}Luquillo Beach{/tip} and the {tip Go to Fajado town to take a night plunge}Biobay {/tip} trip.

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12:00 PM | You can arrive at the hotel and ask for them to keep the baggage until check-in. During this time, you can go to El Morro and San Cristobal Castles.
05:30 PM | Must arrive before this hour in order to check-in at the hotel.
07:00 PM | Get a taxi to Old San Juan up to the Plaza Col√≥n and walk to a restaurant at the main {tip San Francisco or Fortaleza}cobblestone streets{/tip}. Old San Juan is full of options that goes from from fast foods to local restaurants.
08:30 PM | Get a Walk to Cristo street an eat a {tip  FB/ BenAndJerrysPR }Ben & Jerry Ice Cream{/tip}, a sweet thoot spot.
09:00 PM | Get a night walk through Old San Juan Bay were cruise ships arrives. Go to {tip FB/ Bahía-Urbana-Amphitheatre}Bahía Urbana{/tip} bayfront. It will be a little long roundtrip walk from San Francisco Street to the port boardwalk.
10:30 PM | Time for a lucky tryout at the Hotel Casino in front of the ports when returning to Old San Juan Streets.
12:00-2:00 AM | Go dancing! Experiment the hotel dancing areas or Old San Juan discos or bars.  Try Calle San Sebasti√°n first.

8:00 AM | Eat a continental breakfast and take a bus, ride your car or bus tour to El Yunque Rainforest.
9:30 AM | Walk to La Mina Waterfall or Mount Britton Point. Please be sure the weather is GOOD to do the walk.
1:00 PM | Return to the Bus and take a tour to the Luquillo Beach Balneary.
3:00 PM | Visit the Luquillo Food Kiosks to enjoy a local {tip Pastelillo de Chapín, Alcapurria de Jueyes, etc.}food delicacy{/tip}.
5:00 PM | Time to return to the hotel. If driving, take Route 66 Toll Highway.
7:00 PM | Get a taxi to Condado up to the Condado Plaza Hotel and take a walk thru Ashford Avenue until you find a good restaurant that you can enjoy.

8:00 AM | Take a taxi again or a Metro Bus to get again to Old San Juan to get your breakfast at the {tip Yelp/ Caficultura-San-Juan}401 San Francisco Street{/tip}.
9:00 AM | Time for window shopping. Walking by the Old San Juan street stores is an experience itself. There are many stores to browse and if you want to bring yourself a great gift, buy a panama hat at the {tip El Galpón and Olé}two available stores{/tip}.
11:00 AM | Time for checkout, so get back to the hotel and take your return flight.

We are waiting for you! Next time have a longer stay and discover… {xtypo_button3}The Wonder Islands of PuertoRiKo.Com!{/xtypo_button3}{/tabs}

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