{AC}{xtypo_dropcap}T{/xtypo_dropcap}he biggest island of the three ones that the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has is known by outer islanders as {tip See the Islands map}“La Isla Grande”{/tip} (the big island). The locals living on it call it as “La Isla”, and locals who live in the metro area, when talking about “La Isla” they are talking about any place out of San Juan or the metro area. ACBR

The big island is the island that the Spaniards, when expanding their kingdom, claimed as their own, although it was already owned by indians of different races, mainly the Taínos.

The big island has beautiful places, cities, people and natural beauty that sometimes compete with their little sisters, Vieques and Culebra. If you have to decide were to stay during your vacations, it will depend on how easy and economically feasible are the preferred attractions.{/AC}

PuertoRiKo.Com has its own list of the most attractive{tip Map of Islands Towns::} towns {/tip}to tourists on the big island. {tab Coast}On the coast are: San Juan, Carolina, Loiza, R√≠o Grande, Fajardo, Humacao, Ponce, Gu√°nica, Lajas, Cabo Rojo, Rinc√≥n, Aguadilla, Isabela, Arecibo, Dorado. {tab Mountains}On the mountains you can see, Utuado, Cayey and Orocovis. Out of the big island, Culebra or Vieques are a must.

{tab Isla de Mona} Isla de Mona, which is some kind of Gal√°pagos Island, is attractive to extreme adventurers, biologist and nature fanatics. It is a stressful way to get there as the only way to get it is by boat, and you will need also a government permit ahead of time to camp there (as it is a natural reserve) and not for the typical tourists. But as you are on the small island, you will enjoy the natural beauty.{/tabs}

{xtypo_quote}If you ask locals about places to go, they will tell you about other names of towns.{/xtypo_quote} For sure they will be nice to go, but if you are limited on time, you can follow our PRK recommendations to stay between 1 night to 5 nights in order to spend your precious time in highly known attractions.

{xtypo_rounded1}{tab Puerto Rico 365 – The Book|blue} {AC}V√≠ctor M. Nieves, a puertorican photographer, bring us a glimpse of the beauty of the big island and its sisters islands in the book “Puerto Rico 365”. This beautiful book will be a great present to someone you care and want to give as a present about your visit to the Islands. ACBR{/AC}{/tabs}{/xtypo_rounded1}




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