The biggest island of the three ones that the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has is known by outer islanders as "La Isla Grande" (the big island). The locals living on it call it as "La Isla", and locals who live in the metro area, when talking about "La Isla" they are talking about any place out of San Juan or the metro area.

The big island is the island that the Spaniards, when expanding their kingdom, claimed as their own, although it was already owned by indians of different races, mainly the Taínos.

The big island has beautiful places, cities, people and natural beauty that sometimes compete with their little sisters, Vieques and Culebra. If you have to decide were to stay during your vacations, it will depend on how easy and economically feasible are the preferred attractions.

The Big Island of Puerto Rico has 76 of the 78 towns that are likely to be visited. Altough every boricua will tell you their towns is well to be visited, the reality is that just a few have attractions that the usual suspect (tourist) will like to see in their brief time on the Island.

Here is the 76 Towns of La Isla Grande:

Being to Puerto Rico and not enjoying a 100% grown, toasted and grinded local coffee is like not being on the Islands.