Rincón | Las Palmas Inn

Pool at Las Palmas Inn, Rincón

The owner of this small inn is a passionate hotelier. Las Palmas Inn is a three level building located with a nice sea view if you take the second and third floor level. Parking avalable.

Additional Info

  • Grading: No Golden Key Grading Yet
  • Room Price: Between $100-$150
  • Beach: Beach at short driving/walking distance
  • Pool: Small pool
  • Golf Field: Do not have
  • Attractions: Prime attractions at less than 90 minutes by car, Great nature attractions nearby
  • Food on Place: Continental Breakfast
  • Relax Areas: No grading yet
  • Green Areas: Small green area on premises
  • Parking: Free parking on premises
  • Phones: 787-823-1525
  • Location: On the country/small town
  • GPS: 18.370083, -67.249883

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