Coqui FrogThe Wonder Islands of PuertoRiko.Com is the website that will keep you busy discovering the true tropical and hispanic side of a nation that share with their equals citizens at the continental U.S. their way of life, the currency and a modern society. PuertoRiKo.Com is not a government nor corporate sponsored website. We are a genuine local travel guiding effort. Puertoricans living on the Islands are a genuine hispanic community. If you worry about the language, English really is not a second language but a supplemental one that we know and use sporadically in our daily social/work lives. Spanish language has allow us to keep the full hispanic flair. Anglo only speakers are less than 3% of the population.

When visiting Puerto Rico you will enjoy a rainbow of cultural and traveling experiences very different to other hispanic communities in the States. We are The Real Latin America on US territory!

But keep your vacations in focus and enjoy the very nature of the 'boricuas' (bore-e-quahs). Being always happy, very friendly and relaxed. Locals don't take life so serious in order to enjoy every moment without strings. That's island life!


Hatillo Puerto RicoIn order to enjoy the culture, be minded that in our islands we don't have the strict way of life of the continentals. People here prefer to have friends than enemies (because of the small size of the islands) and that put us on an easy way or good laissez-faire attitude. No big worries. No strict social rules, although obviously we have rules of law.

In order to enjoy the Islands you have to compromise a big chunk of your strictly anglo way of thinking. Things run here a bit differently.

The right attitude will bring you a lot of travel friends, happy people to share your valuable minutes of leisure time and memorable stories to tell others.

Discover the Wonder Islands of Puerto Riko and ¬°A Gozar!

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