vieques pr omedinaThe second in size of the three populated islands, Vieques is known for its seven beaches with public access although the island have much more.

An International hotel chain resort is the only one in Vieques and is an exclusive (and expensive) one. If you are looking for that kind of lodging, can be the one to look for.

La Chiva is a beautiful beach in Vieques. Altough this small Island has many good beaches, La Chiva outstand because of its blue waters, white sand and the small cay in front of the coast.

You can look at the photo of La Chiva included in this article and can appreciate the color of the waters, the sky and the sand beach on its natural way.

La Chiva Beach has been recognized as one of the 10 best beaches around the world by the travel rentals website AllTheRooms Inc. of New York, USA (See No. 4).