Brisas del CaribeIf you want to enjoy a very local taste, then go to Brisas del Caribe. It is located in the front of the "Malecón", a short car drive in front of the sea in the town of Naguabo. You can find paid parking by locals, just steps from the restaurant.

A familiy operated restaurant, they bring you fresh cooked food that you have to wait real time to enjoy it. No micro or pre-cooked delicacies. Altough no air conditioned is available,the local is big enough for the sea breeze to enter the premises and enjoy the salted fresh sea breeze.

We enjoy many plates and the mofongo, shrimp, 'mero en salsa' and sea dishes all were great.

If you want to have a real taste from Puerto Rico and you were near the Naguabo town, then stop there to taste our puertorican cuisine.

PHONE: 787.617.3226
LOCATED: Carr. PR 3, Km. 65 Playa Húcares (in front of the Malecón)
KIND: Sea and local puertorican dishes.


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