Totem-Viejo-San-Juan-Puerto-RicoStaying overnight in Puerto Rico can be an enjoyable time if you plan it before, knowing where are you going. Every minute count and you don't want to spend those memorable hours making your mind where to go.


Usually in you stay overnight, probably you went through the Carolina Airport or Isla Grande Airport. Both are good for this short stay.

If Carolina LMM is the choosen arriving destination, stay at the Isla Verde area better, which is beside the airport and will pay for a taxi short ride. Leaving destination will be easier. Enjoy the nigthlife of the Isla Verde area and continue then with your itinerary.

One night can bring a glimpse of what to follow on your next visit to Puerto Riko

If the Isla Grande Airport is the one, stay at the Condado area. Will be better as taxi will cost less to get your place and leaving to your next destination. This one is near the nightlife of Condado and also of the memorable Old San Juan nightlife.

If getting by boat, the dock marina is beside the Isla Grande Airport and can be the best option as is near Condado and Old San Juan.

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