Flying inside the Archipelago can guarantee no hassles as public transportation is not as efficient as most of the states, either by bus, taxi or ferry.

Public buses: There are some exceptions for routes that goes thru Condado and Old San Juan. But don't expect too much. They are not clock ruled so it is irregular.

Tren Urbano (metro): Other service more confident is the Tren Urbano Metro, but fails also on clock rules for departure and arriving. 

Car rental no matter were you fly or stay is always a surprise. We are no exceptions. Just ask for what your money will pay but in order to be money safe always get CDW, PDW and any other insurance that will cover most of the costs. Why? You will be driving in a place were courtesy will fail, laws on the continent are not the same as here and crime can beat your pocket and vacations.

Driving through the roads of our Islands will allow you to open your eyes to the tropical beauty. And our driving laws are very similar to the states, But our people are not the most courteous or gentle when driving. Sincerilly, our driving manners are unwelcomed, perceived sometimes as rough, aggresive and many times discourteous. So, when traveling Puerto Rico using a car, it will be valuable, just keep in mind continental manners will not neccesarily be applied here always,

Location of PR (Map)