What makes El Yunque a tourist attraction is first the amount of waterfalls available, one of them being La Mina Waterfall. Although you think because you are in a tropical paradise, water will be warm, just try it and then tell us how chill it is! Second are the walking trails. There are many official trails that you can take to enjoy walking up to the top of the mountain and see a beautiful landscapes. During this route, many ecological things in the fauna and flora can be discovered. As a final thing you can do is to enjoy a picnic day in the forest and from that point visit the near surroundings. 

Endemic Puertorican ParrotIf you like more ecological things, the place is used for many cientific studies and also military tests by the US government. El Yunque has around 28,000 cuerdas in all its extension, plus a buffer zone that is habited but some kind protected by zoning laws.

CAUTION: El Yunque has many stories of tourists that has been lost for days and some never appeared because the place is not a friendly place to walk alone. Raining is part of its daily life and heavy raining can let you loss orientation, giving you hard times to return back to the official trail. Try to never walk alone and try to keep your walk on the official trail. One minute of walking in the woods can be a disorienting hazard.

La Coca Waterfall