Why Puerto Rico is Vacation Destination

Puerto Rico
The Great Archipelago of Puerto Rico is your best choice for living or traveling to on the East coast of the USA. The other tropical option that is a full fledge US territory is too far and costly that it is not a choice for Easteners. Puerto Rico then is your first and only choice to get a taste of the real hispanic taste on the American nation. Yes, probably you know hispanics named as latins on your neighboorhood, but because the style of life of that people on the continent behave and are ruled by your own customs, they have lost some important things that only can be deeply tasted in other place than in the heart of the nation.


A different culture
Puerto Rico archipelago, beign indian first and then hispanic up to today, has been influenced by the american style of life as a territory gotten as war prize from Spain in 1898. But even more than 100 years of US influence, laws and style of living, have not slowdown puertoricans or ‚Äòboricuas‚Äô --as also beign known-- their deeply rooted tropical hispanic culture. As the main language is Spanish (for all), barely less than 5 percent talk English fluently. Puerto Rico knows the English language as everyone have  to learn it since kindergarden up to college, but no one practice it daily (with the tourism industry exception).

So no broken steps when travelling here as you will find: a) similar style of living, b) mostly known language and c) local and federal laws that are common to your daily democratic life. Always the culture and the political status of the archipelago shows differences, but just use your common sense for most of the things you will do when travelling/living here.


An easy going Island

Our culture is more easy going, more social, less privacy concerned and most of the time happy and celebrating. Living on a small island, you must look for ways to enjoy it and people try to be more intimately. Just tell people your limits beforehand or as soon as you see uncomfortable behavior and you will enjoy the richness of the islands.


We are an archipelago

Although Puerto Rico is always talked by travel sites as one island, it is really and archipelago of islands, where one is the Big Island, and two others the Sister Islands of Vieques and Culebra. There is also the rural (rustic) island of Mona (the galapagos of Puerto Rico) but it is a protected by the local department of the interior and to enjoy it, you have to be in good shape and a permit is needed to get there.

So just make your mind to what date you will enjoy the real greatness of the hispanic culture and the tropical luxury on american territory and say ¬°A Gozar!



Puerto Rico is full of ethnic food. Every town has its own specialty. Mostly based on food available on their area.

Although the Islands are of small size, the geography during the 19 and 20 Century make difficult to travel between points. So people prepared their own kind or versions of what they eat.

maunabo las palmas.jpgEvery puertorican has its best of everything. But what we want to show you with this list is our own unique Three Best of All Puerto Rico -a concept created by PuertoRiKo.Com- in order to  guide you to the best alternatives that you can explore and decide, if they are a good start of your interests.

Every visitor has its own plan based on what he/she likes (interests). We are giving this general but fine tuned options if you are not so knowledgable about it. Please follow this list during your days on the Islands and please note that this list is a non-paid list, so this is OUR own list in PuertoRiko.Com. This list can change at any time depending on how good the place is serving the tourist visitors. It will also help you to follow it during your stay here.

So you want a great experience for the kids? Have not got contact with a tropical place for vacations yet? Puerto Rico nature adventures can be the real winner for the family

Getting out of the bubble
Different than other places like Florida (Orlando, Tampa or Miami) were you have man-made family fun that used to be theme parks and emotional behavior attractions, Puerto Rico can expose the kids to a dynamic and interesting natural way to spend their free time and feelings.