Luquillo | La Monserrate

A well supervised beach as it is the biggest government manage balneary. Good for the handicapped. Visit this beach during the week or non-holidays as it is a local favourite. Later take a short walk to the local famous food Luquillo Kiosks.

Additional Info

  • Location-Access: Park-at-Distance
  • Safety: Keep Rental Car Locks Closed, Bring Valued Stuff with You
  • Nature's Beach Beauty: Good
  • Cleanliness: Public Access-Parks Div. Cleaned
  • Swimming: Mostly Flat - Some Small Surfs
  • Snork and Scuba: Not for Snork or Scuba
  • Photographic Beauty: Good Snapshots
  • Shading: Shrubs or Palm Trees on Beach
  • Sports: Jogging, Paddleball, Skinboarding, Snorkeling , Volleyball (Beach), Swimming, Beach Combing
  • Lifeguard on Duty: Yes
  • Overall Grade: 3 flags
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