San Juan | Ocean Park Beach

This beach is used more by locals. Altough there are apartments in front of the beach and the street run by the coast, it is not known as an official tourist beach.

Do not try to be there on Holidays as it will be full of people. Safety level is low, so take note about leaving your valuable stuff unattended.


Additional Info

  • Location-Access: Park-at-Distance
  • Safety: Keep Rental Car Locks Closed
  • Nature's Beach Beauty: Beautiful
  • Cleanliness: Safe to walk barefoot
  • Swimming: Some Medium Surfs
  • Snork and Scuba: Not for Snork or Scuba
  • Photographic Beauty: Good Snapshots
  • Shading: Shrubs or Palm Trees on Beach
  • Lifeguard on Duty: No
  • Overall Grade: 3 flags

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