Rincón | Dome's Beach

This beach is beside an Experimental Nuclear Power Plant never used for electricity production. Is the place where many surfing local and international contests has been celebrated. Easy to get by car. 

Additional Info

  • Location-Access: Drive-By
  • Safety: Keep Rental Car Locks Closed, Bring Valued Stuff with You
  • Nature's Beach Beauty: Good
  • Cleanliness: Public Access-No Maintenance
  • Swimming: Mostly Flat - Some Small Surfs
  • Snork and Scuba: Not for Snork or Scuba
  • Photographic Beauty: Standard Beauty
  • Shading: Shrubs or Palm Trees on Beach
  • Sports: Bodyboarding, Surfing
  • Lifeguard on Duty: No
  • Overall Grade: 3 flags
  • GPS Location: 18.36455,-67.269866
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