Zoni Beach Culebra PRThis is a nice beach in front of Cayo Norte. As all the Culebra beaches, it is a nice one to have a walk, rest for sunbathing or take a swim. Beasides the beach there is another spot that only is available during part of the year and locals call it Honeymoon Beach (something secluded). Zoní is a place were turtles nests are common, so you will see signs that alert about walking over them. As been one of the most precious beaches that can be reach by car, Zoní is a another good one to enjoy in Culebra.

Flamenco Culebra Puerto RicoFlamenco Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the world as recognize by international travel publications. Its beauty is reflected by the blue waters, white sand, blue skies, green background and abscence of buildings. Flamenco is an unspoiled beach located at the small island of Culebra in the Caribbean.